Department of Nephrology

Bahria International Hospital Lahore

Team Members

Professor Dr. Farkhanda Hafeez
Head of Paediatric Nephrology
M.B.B.S, D.C.H, M.C.P.S, F.C.P.S (Pak), MCCEE (Canada)
10 am to 2 pm| Mon to Sat



The Department of Nephrology at Bahria Town Hospital is proud to be one of the leading renal centers in the country. The department takes pride in providing state of the art cutting edge renal services to our patients. The provision of a diverse range of renal facilities under one roof remains a major strength of this unit. These services include:

  • 24 hour emergency renal cover
  • Daily Outdoor Renal Clinics
  • Hemodialysis
  • Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Kidney Transplantation
  • Interventional Nephrology
  • Intensive Care Nephrology
  • Regular outreach renal camps

Department of Pediatric Nephrology aims at improving the health and well-being of children with kidney diseases. It provides comprehensive care for patients with acute, chronic and end-stage kidney disease. Renal replacement therapy is offered in the form of dialysis and renal transplant by a skilled and dedicated team of experts observing international standards. Renal biopsy a vital clinical tool in the management of Kidney disease is performed by experience hands. Outpatient services include consultation and continuation of care for the children with renal diseases.


  • Round the clock Emergency Coverage
  • Inpatient services
  • Outpatient clinic
  • Peritoneal dialysis hemodialysis
  • Renal transplant
  • Renal biopsy

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