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Dr. Allah Nawaz Sultan

MBBS, FCPS (Peads) Consultant Child Specialist and Neonatologist

Dr. Faisal Javed

MRCPCH(UK) Consultant Pediatrician

Children are not small adults, they are different organism a Beginning at birth or even before that they need to be protected, handled, nurtured and treated differently from older population. The need for differential, sensitive and delicate handling is obvious in all spheres of life but clearly manifested when they need deft handling in the hospital environment. Every child needs a unique set of medicines and care according to age, weight, height and surface area due to a unique genetic, growth environment and cultural background.

Bright colors, well lit nurseries, musical sounds are scientifically proven to augment growth even in the newborn period. Better home environment, educated caretakers and sensible education and skill acquisition can affect the physical and mental health of children. This will help produce adults with physical, mental and psychological health needed to fully actualize the great potential of this nation, keeping this often neglected facet of medical treatment Bahria Healthcare Department has ventured into establish a project for CHILDREN HOSPITAL at Bahria Orchard, Raiwind road, Lahore. The concept of a full fledge children hospital in private sector is non-existent even in a mega-cities of Pakistan so far. Cochlear transplant, Corneal Transplant and most recently conducted Pediatric Liver Transplant for children are some of the successful initiatives for children being run by the organization. Thalassemia treatment programme including facilities for repeated blood transfusion and chelation have been performed for many years. Most of these services are provided free of charge to the poor and deserving candidates.

24-hour Pediatric Emergency

Pediatric Emergency Services available at both hospitals under specialist care. Senior Pediatric consultants with local and international experience are available for any further assistance in management of very sick emergency patients.

24 Hour Pediatric ICU

Cases needing resuscitation and stabilization in emergency need good PICU support. This is available for such cases (post-transplant care, ventilator support and central vascular access). Under specialist and consultant care around the clock.

24-hour Newborn care

Newborn care is available in our state of the art NICU where all kind of the neonatal issues can be confidently handled. We have successfully handled extremely premature and low-birth-weight children and provide full follow-up care to our nursery graduates.

Our OPDS for children are also managed by senior consultants with foreign and local qualifications and experience. They are providing consultations during the morning as well as evening hours and are available On-call for out of hours patient requirements.

Our new Pediatric hospital at Bahria Orchard has a plan to gradually introduce Pediatric Sub-specialties soon.

We already have a Pediatric nephrology unit with dialysis facilities for children and adults

We also have a Gastroenterology unit under care of a consultant. We have recently done Liver Transplant in a young child and plan to have a regular programme for it in the near future.

Ped Audiology

Patients needing audiology at discharge due to prolonged oxygen and antibiotics are evaluated by audiology scanning / audiometry under care of senior consultant.

Pediatric Surgery

Bahria Hospital has the capability of dealing with all kinds of pediatrics surgery issues at all times by professors of pediatric surgery. Post-surgical ICU care under PICU consultant ensures smooth and complete recovery for these patients.

Pediatric ICU

Fully equipped five beded PICU under care of a team of Professor of Anesthesia and PICU consultant ensures best possible treatment and care for cases needing PICU care including post-transplant medical as well as surgical pediatric patients.

Pediatric Emergency Care

24-hour consultant/senior registrar availability in both Bahria Hospital for emergency cases in ED is still unmatched by any private hospitals in Lahore. Emergency managed by senior pediatric consultants with local and international experience of managing pediatric life threatening emergencies provides best chance of intact survival.

Pediatric Nephrology

Under care of professor of pediatric nephrology our hospital is providing dialysis and renal transplant facilities at Bahria Orchard Hospital with complete pre-operative and post-operative care for renal failure and end-stage renal disease.

Pediatric Liver & Kidney Transplant

Our transplant team led by doctor Khalid Shareef (UK) has started pediatric liver & kidney transplant team is taking care of patients needing liver & kidney transplant and provide post-operative expertise for monitoring of these patients in the short and long term periods.

Neonatal ICU & Nursey

We have state-of-the-art NICU capable of handling extremely low birthweight and pre-mature newborns. Surfactant therapy and ventilator support is provided under care of senior pediatric consultants for best results. Our high success rate in supporting these extremely delicate babies is well appreciated by our patients and their families. Regular medical education and training activities under senior faculty members ensures a collective team ready to take on any neonatal challenge is a source of pride and honor for Bahria Hospitals performance.

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

This is the latest addition to our services we started with closed heart surgeries under the able and experienced pediatric cardiac surgery team and gradually we have started open heart surgery. With determination and inspiration of our surgeons and a very senior anesthesia and PICU teams. We are looking forward to being the centre of excellence for pediatric cardiac surgery. This will be significant addition to Bahria Hospital’s renowned cardiac surgery and intervention setup.

Sick Patient Transport

Children and neonates needing super-specialty care in other centres of medical excellence in the city are shifted in a proper ambulance equipped with incubator and ventilator under direct supervision of senior doctor and pediatric nurse. A proper system of endorsement on handing over for safe transport and patient record is strictly followed.


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