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Malik Riaz: Nation Builder, Chairman of Bahria Town

Malik Riaz, the founder of Bahria Town, is an entrepreneur and philanthropist and famous for his achievements. He is the chairman of the Bahria Town and intended to help poor people. He makes large scale projects for the benefits of society and the improvement of the economy. As a philanthropist, he has built several hospitals and institutes in different locations of the country. Also, he is a member of the charity organizations to support humanity. He is on his way to building a bright future for the country. He is known as a top industry leader and intended to make his visions into reality.

Malik Riaz is also one of the top builders of the world and popular for the largest private real estate development of Asia, the Bahria Town. Being a famous billionaire, he is running several trusts for the betterment of people in Pakistan.

Nation Builder:

With his real estate business, the Bahria Town, Malik Riaz Hussain is participating in nation-building activities. He is showing interest out of his business activities to the welfare of less privileged people. He is in the state of serving humanity apart from his developments, investments and business. According to the area and physical structure, Bahria Town is famous for being the largest private-sector real estate organization. It is the first organization in Pakistan for developing the highest living standards for people.

This business serves the customer by improving awareness among them. Because of his efforts, real estate business became a renowned business in Pakistan. Apart from making money, this business is intended to help people by creating employment for them. It helped the country to establish the national economy by increasing foreign investments in the real estate sector. Many urban developers are following the unique methods and technologies in the business set by him. His value system can influence people to improve their lives. In Pakistan, this business is putting its efforts in creating a bright future for the country. Bahria Town has employed more than 20,000 people in Pakistan directly and indirectly. He also generated several business opportunities for more than 1000 local suppliers in the real estate sector. With all these activities, Malik Riaz Hussain is firmly working for building the nation.

Bahria Town:

According to the recent news, Malik Riaz has exposed the factors that are spreading wrong information about Bahria Town. As the chairman of the real estate business, he said that there were random rumours on social media, and market that the Supreme Court of Pakistan has put a ban across various construction works in phase 3 and phase 4 of Bahria Town and rangers have walked into these societies to stop the development works. Because of this fake news, the business market of the Bahria Town Karachi has badly impacted and people started believing that the Bahria Town is going to shut down.

He rejected the above statement and cleared that the honourable Supreme Court has not put any such decision about the Bahria Town. Also, he said that Bahria Town is working to complete all the development work within this year.

According to the recent news, Bahria Town has signed a deal with China Railway 20 Bureau Corporation for the development work of Bus Rapid Transit Blue Line project in Karachi. Currently, this Chinese group is working in Pakistan on the Lahore-Abdul Hakeem Motorway. To partly finance this project, some foreign financial institutions have shown their interests. This project is going to connect the Bahria Town and the main Karachi centre.

He is putting his efforts to achieve the living standards in various cities of Pakistan and provide luxury lifestyle to people in Pakistan.

Malik Riaz HussainMalik Riaz